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Shalom Christian College respects cultural traditions and understands that sometimes families require their children to return home for funerals or cultural ceremonies.

It is an ABSTUDY requirement that you fax through the details of the funeral/ cultural ceremony on Community Council/ School letterhead, stating the following:

  • Name of student/s
  • Students relationship with the deceased
  • Date of the funeral
  • Return travel date back to school
  • Letter to be signed by community leader/ elder/ Principal

Please notify the school as soon as possible about desired travel and allow at least 5 business days for ABSTUDY to process the request after the fax/letter has been received.

ABSTUDY will only travel students back to their home community and will not travel students on week-ends.

Centrelink’s policy states that students are only entitled to two funeral travels per calendar year.

Please refer to the attached document to help when requesting ABSTUDY Compassionate Travel.