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Geelong Partnership

Shalom Christian College and The Geelong College have established a strong connection through yearly cultural exchanges. In Semester One each year, students from Shalom are selected to attend a cultural exchange at Geelong College near Melbourne in Victoria.  This provides a unique leadership opportunity for our senior students.

In Semester Two, students from Geelong are selected to attend a cultural exchange at Shalom.  They usually arrive in time to take part in our College NAIDOC Day celebrations held in September.

Students from both schools have established strong and positive relationships through their time together in the boarding houses, visits to Crystal Creek, NAIDOC Day, and excursions to Magnetic Island whilst in Townsville. When attending Geelong they enjoy activities such as visiting local beaches, surfing, attending football games, cultural activities and local sightseeing.

Measuring the impact of the visits upon The Geelong College and Shalom Christian College communities may seem hard, but there are many positive impacts on individuals and groups including:

  • One student who graduated from Shalom, travelled to work at Geelong as a GAP Staff member and houseparent for nine months
  • One student  who graduated from Geelong is currently working at Shalom Christian College and attending University in Townsville
  • Of the Shalom students who attended the Cultural exchange program, all  obtained employment directly upon graduating high school

The Cultural Exchange Program offers students the opportunity to have an active role in a meaningful approach to Reconciliation and providing opportunities to celebrate and develop understanding of the rich and diverse cultures present within Australia.