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Principal's Message

At Shalom Christian College we see it as our privilege to educate and develop our students.  Parents and caregivers entrust us to care for and keep their children safe, as we provide educational and learning opportunities.

We hold in the highest regard the culture and traditions of the First Nations Peoples of this land.  We integrate their practices and values with those in a modern Western society.  The Christian philosophy and belief is of great help, in welding the old and the new together.

We expect children to respect their parents, grandparents and ancestors, to value the stories told and to practice and maintain their traditions, and where possible promote language.  Students are expected to respect others in all ways.

We acknowledge the full rights of individual students, staff and parents and to do all we can to meet these.

Students have a responsibility to do the things that they need to, so that they can learn.  Staff have the responsibility to prepare and care for the students.

The Shalom Way: Respect, Rights and Responsibility.

Mr Chris England