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At Shalom Christian College we focus on teaching and learning that is appropriate to the needs of our students and founded on best practice. Education is an important means by which individuals can realise their full potential and make positive, informed choices about their lives.

Shalom Christian College’s dedicated teaching staff offer a quality and culturally inclusive curriculum for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. The Australian Curriculum provides the content for our P-10 classes and the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority shapes our 11-12 curriculum.

The delivery of strong literacy and numeracy fundamentals lies at the heart of our academic program. Literacy skills are developed using approaches that scaffold and support students' understanding of spoken and written language including; Accelerated Literacy, guided reading and Phonological Awareness Programs.

The focus in the senior years is on enabling our students to be able to access further education or employment opportunities. We recognise that every student is different and therefore offer a range of pathways, to ensure that all students are able to pursue their chosen career. 

We provide students with the opportunity to receive their QCE through a combination of VET courses and Authority Registered subjects. Students also have access to TAFE and work experience during the school year. The College also has classes for students who require support in developing their Standard Australian English skills.

Shalom Christian College is a ministry of the Uniting Church and Christian values underpin everything that we do at the College. These values are supported by weekly Religious Education lessons, morning prayers and celebrations for important events on the Christian calendar. The Christian virtues are embedded into our Positive School Wide Behaviour Support Program.

7-10 Subjects
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Humanities and Social Science
  • Visual Art
  • Drama
  • HPE
  • Science
  • Christianity in Culture
  • Digital technologies

11-12: Authority Registered
  • English Communication
  • Pre-Vocational Mathematics
  • Science in Practice
  • Creative Arts
  • Information Communication Technology Studies
  • Recreation
  • Social and Community Studies

VET Certificates
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Agri-Food Operations