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Certificate I in Work Preparation (Community Services) - CHC10108

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Course area: VET 
Duration: One year

Qualification description: The intended purpose of this course is to prepare students for entry into and participation in ‘The World of Work’ by providing them with a range of key employment-related knowledge, skills, generic and specific competencies to: negotiate the world of work, prepare for effective participation in the work environment and apply knowledge and skills in a work environment.

Qualification Units:

  • BSBCMM101A- Apply basic communication skills.
  • CHCCS211B- Prepare for work in the community sector.
  • GENJSI101C – Apply Job Search and Interview Skills
  • HLTWHS200A- Participate in WHS processes


Career Opportunities and Pathways: Completion of this course provides access to recognised training within the VET sector. It provides a foundation knowledge and introduction to the world of work. The achievement of certificate I in work Education will provide a stepping stone to the achievement of further qualification and employment.

Fees: There are no material fees for this qualification

Training & Assessment Arrangements: Assessment for this certificate is competency based, no levels of achievement are awarded. Students are determined as “competent” when their skills & knowledge meet the level required. All of the assessment in this certificate is through practical demonstration, oral/written assessment of the skills learnt including a portfolio of student work. Students will undertake a period of placement in an industry for the unit ‘Participate in Structured Workplace Learning’. Students can request assessment by way of RPL (recognition of prior learning) where possible.

Selection and Enrolment of Students: This certificate is available to students in year 10 and up.

Legislative and Occupational Licensing Requirements: There are no specific licences that relate to this qualification.

Guarantee of Services: This is a 12 month course. The RTO guarantees that the student will be provided with every opportunity to complete the certificate. Provisions are available whereby this qualification can be undertaken over longer periods of time. Students successfully achieving all qualification requirements will be provided with a Qualification and record of results. Students who achieve at least one unit (but not the full qualification) will receive a Statement of Attainment.

Further Information: Contact the VET Coordinator, Mr Harvey Magnan email: harveym@shalomcollege.qld.edu.au for further information regarding support services and other general VET information consult the Student VET handbook.