In late 1988, Aboriginal and Islander leaders from a number of Queensland towns and communities associated with the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress were brought together.

This first meeting was funded by Mr. Hank Young, Founder of the Hank Young Foundation for Aboriginal Welfare and Education. They met to consider the many difficulties facing their own communities. From these discussions, a decision was made to establish an Institute for Community development - Yalga Binbi.

However the distress felt by so many at the failure of their schooling to equip them and their children adequately for life and employment in their communities and community organisation, surfaced. This led to a second decision - to develop their own Pre-school, Primary and Secondary boarding facilities.

Their vision was to create a school that would differ significantly in two respects:

  • Be culturally sensitive
  • Provide a community-based supportive learning environment.

In January 1992, Shalom Christian College opened its doors with an enrolment of 50 Pre-school and Year 1 students. By 1994 Shalom Christian College had more than trebled its' enrolment to 170 spanning Pre-School to Year 8 classes and drawing students from eight different cultural backgrounds. Approximately half of the Secondary enrolments in 1994 were boarders living in the first of two planned boarding homes. Student numbers are steadily on the increase in line with the academic and sporting prowess of the College and Shalom now boasts a combined Primary and Secondary enrolment of around 300 students.