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Pastoral Care

Students attend pastoral care classes with a pastoral care teacher four afternoons a week.

These classes are an opportunity for students to take part in developmentally appropriate issues based activities and to build networks within the school community.

As well as orientation and leadership programs, the school utilises various programs to help the students grow physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Programs and Strategies:
  • Orientation Programs- To introduce new students to the College at the start of the school year or when they first arrive.
  • School Wide Positive Behaviour Support - SWPBS is a framework to help identify individual student’s specific support needs and to develop individual behaviour and education support plans that are pro-active and responsive to student needs
  • Student Leadership Program- To provide an opportunity for the students to develop leadership skills and take on leadership roles within the school.
  • Christian Values Education- A whole school focus on values education ensures improved outcomes for individuals, groups and society in general. This is about providing opportunities for students to explore Christian values as well as reflect upon their own personal, family and community values.
  • Drug Education Strategy- An educational program to contribute to the prevention and reduction of drug and substance related harm to individuals and society.

  • National Safe Schools Framework- A national framework for ensuring safe and supportive school environments. This includes teaching young people strategies for keeping them safe when using the internet, mobile phones and other information technologies. There is also a focus on creating safe and supportive environments which reduce the possibility of bullying and harassment.

  • Mind Matters- A comprehensive Teenage Health Promotion package, that aims to assist in developing a healthy and resilient school community. This program supports young people's social and emotional development (how to get along with others and feel good about yourself).

  • Anger Management- To reduce violent and aggressive behaviour by actively developing anger management skills. To support young people to recognise and manage their own emotions, rather than letting their emotions control their behaviour.

  • Kids Matter- A comprehensive National health and wellbeing program for Primary School aged children. Kids Matter provides ideas, strategies and support to help develop strong, healthy children.

  • Rock and Water- A program that teaches physical and mental strength to young boys in primary and lower secondary school.

  • Healthy Relationships - A program to educate young people about healthy and unhealthy relationships.
  • 1 2 3 Magic Emotions- A program for house parents, parents and carers of children to help adults to increase the strategies they use to support and manage their children's behaviour and build their children's emotional resourcefulness.

  • Protective Behaviours - A personal safety program for primary and secondary students.

  • Cyber Safety and Cyber Bullying Workshops - Sessions developed to educate students of different ages on how to stay safe online and what to do if you feel unsafe or receive unwanted messages.

  • Worries Workshops - Tips and ideas for students on how to manage stress or things that worry them.
  • Friendship and Conflict Resolution - Workshops for students to help them to identify healthy and unhealthy peer friendships, identify how to be or choose good friends, making friends with others, problem solving, 4 step approach to solving conflict.

  • Human Development - A program for understanding puberty in gender classes for both male and female students.
  • Grief and Loss Workshops - Support programs for students as needed.
  • Love Bites - Healthy relationships program for years 10 - 12 students.