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School Nurse & Health Workers

The Registered Nurse and Health Worker manage the clinic together to help students make healthy lifestyle choices and grow strong and healthy while attending Shalom Christian College.

Their goal is to assist in the Australian Government's Closing the Gap initiative. Shalom staff are passionate about empowering the students to take charge of their own health care needs. The first day at school as a boarding student can sometimes be worrying for students. The health team works to help students and their families feel welcome and will take time to explain the health supports available whilst at the College. 

Closing the Gap

Parents/Guardians are asked to provide the original or a photocopy of their child's Medicare card and Healthcare card. It is vital that the school receives these cards, as students frequently require medical attention. Students are also provided with the following medical services:

  • Immunisations and other vaccines
  • Dental checks
  • Eye and hearing screenings

The Nurse and Health Workers perform a basic health check on all students upon arrival. This helps the Nurse/Health Worker to identify any health needs or follow up that may be required. The health check involves:

  • A short health check
  • Clarification of Medicare details
  • Clarifying emergency contacts
  • Providing the students with any requests for Dental, Hearing or any other health concerns

The Nurse and Health Worker will work together with the Doctors (on campus four times a week), and liaise with specialists regarding special clinics such as immunisations, audiology, pathology, physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, dental or optometry.

At times students may require medications for temporary or long term conditions. The Nurse/Health Worker and Boarding staff work together to make sure all medications are given and taken responsibly. We work closely with the boarding staff, to care for the students holistically.

We encourage all guardians and parents to keep close contact so that together we can provide the best for the students. We have many educational activities running throughout the year, as a means of preventative healthcare. Our roles are changing and expanding every year. We look forward to positive health outcomes for students and their families.